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Margo I. Green, Artist

Artist Representative

Art Consultant

To contact Ms. Green:

Welcome, I hope you enjoy my web site. The painting featured is named "Boarders" Every square must get along with it's neighbor.

Welcome to my world. It is a world of creativity. I believe abstract art encourages one to think. A conclusion must be reached by the abstract art viewer. One opinion of what the viewer is seeing is often different from the opinion of another. To make one think, expand their mind and determine what art means to them, is why I paint. I have written explanations of most every canvas that I have painted. It is important for the client to know what I feel about my art. If an artist doesn't think their art means something, then why should a viewer think it means anything at all? Enlarging your horizons as a person and an artist takes one into uncharted areas which brings unexpected satisfaction. Persistence in promoting ones vocation is paramount.

Margo I. Green, Artist

Margo I. Green       "Rear Window"      36x48 Acrylic

"Rear Window" was accepted in the final round of judging in the prestigious Hunting Art contest for 2009. Hunting PLC awards the most generous art presented annually in North America. The $50,000 Hunting Art is awarded to one of the finalist each year. I am extremely pleased to have "Rear Window" chosen as one of the 129 finalist. There were over 1500 artists in the contest. "Rear Window" is in a private collection in Houston.

72 x 48 High Dyptech           " Together at Last"

"Together at Last" is a large dyptech which was featured in the "Diverse Creations" show. It is a dynamic dyptech in vivid blues and blocks of red, gray, green and whites which unite the design. It measures six feet wide and four feet tall. This piece can be seen by appointment and is for sale. Contact Ms. Green at        

"Foxfire" a 48 tall x 36 wide with heavy textural mixed with vivid reds, orange, blacks and whites make up this striking work. This work is in a private collection in The Woodlands.

"Impending Storm" is a 5ft tall x 4ft wide canvas. It is heavily textured with vivid blues and turquoise of the sea. This large canvas is in a private collection in Houston.

"Heaven's Hand" is a 48"x 48" painting. Available for sale. Contact Double left click for a better look.

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